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Published: 11th October 2011
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Superhero t shirts are great whoever you are. They make great geek t shirts for those who enjoy comics and the new series of films, and they also make great gifts for children. At the same time for yourself, even if you're not a geek they are a great way to evoke the power of these 'modern myths' and to compliment your physique but in a tongue-in-cheek and fun way that shows you don't take yourself too seriously.

Here we will look at some of the best superhero t shirts, a bit about the superheroes themselves and what their costumes look like to give you a better idea.

Superman: Everyone is familiar with the superman t shirts based on his classic costume design. Superman was the first superhero character as we know them and thus by wearing a Superman t shirt you can almost embody all of the superheroes at once in a more iconic way. Superman is a character who always does the right thing who fights for 'truth, justice and the American way' and who never lies. He is infallible to all except his one weakness Kryptonite. He has a rich heritage and a colorful back story that makes this one of the most popular geek t shirts.

Iron Man: Iron Man has been around a long time, but it is only since his recent film with Robert Downey Jr that the character has become a household name. Iron Man is inventive genius Tony Stark who through his own genius builds himself a suit of Iron to fight political intrigue and industrial espionage. Grounded very much in the real world (by comic standards) Iron Man is a single of capitalism and of human ingenuity.

Batman: A Batman t shirt is another one of the most popular superhero t shirts. This is partly because Batman has such a recognizable logo which brands the chest and makes for the perfect Batman t shirt. At the same time it's because of the appeal of the character himself possibly the first anti-hero who has enjoyed many successful incarnations in film and television. Perhaps the most human of superheroes he fights crime with his detective and martial arts skills rather than any superpowers.

Spider-Man: Alongside Superman and Batman Spider-Man is one of the most recognizable superheroes out there (though you don't see as many t shirts). He is the put-upon everyman hero that most of us can relate to in someway, but at the same time he also has some of the most amazing and original powers the proportional strength and agility of a spider.

Incredible Hulk: The Incredible Hulk is essentially the modern retelling of Jekyll and Hyde an ordinary man who swells to a muscular beast several times the size when he becomes angry or stressed and then dolls out his angry brand of justice. There's certainly some wish-fulfillment for many of us when he becomes the monstrous hulk and takes out the antagonists who were bullying him as the all-too-human Bruce Banner.

Superhero t shirts are great geek chic clothes items. Follow the links for these and other t shirt designs.

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