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Published: 11th October 2011
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For guys with a bit of bulk and muscle, showing it off is a hard earned right. You've put in the hours down the gym slaving away in order to make sure that your abs, pecs and biceps are all perfectly crafted, and you've no doubt spent a whole load on protein shakes and supplements... so why hide away when you could show off that physique and get the stares and the attention that your hard work deserves?

And what makes this particularly the case is the fact that you won't be able to wear baggy and unfitted t-shirts anymore anyway. While you might want to wear loose slogan t shirts and funky t shirts, those days are gone and if you went to the effort of building a big physique then you're going to have to buy a size that fits you snuggly. The simple reason for this is that once you build your muscle your body takes on a different shape to the physique that many people have one that is decidedly more triangular and top heavy. In other words the more that your upper half wells in terms of your pecs, shoulders lats and traps, the more that your waist has probably slimmed as you did the CV and the exercise to burn off those calories and start fitting into a smaller pair of jeans. Thus if you buy loose graphic tees, that will then mean that your t shirts will dangle from your upper body and hang loosely around your waist and from a distance this can look as though you are actually over weight as opposed to being ripped and in shape.

So you have to buy tight anyway, and that means there's no getting away from your bulging arms. And if you're going to show off with a tight t-shirt, then why not do it in style with a superman t shirt. Such superman t shirts will bare the now famous 'S' logo across the chest and this immediately evoked heroism and power if not for any other reason then simply because the triangular shape of the 'S' shield reflects the new triangular frame of your body. At the same time it also draws attention to your chest with a bright color.

More importantly though the 'S' logo makes people think of Superman, who is of course famous for his acts of heroism and power. What's great about the Superman t shirt if you have the Superman physique to match is that it draws attention to your physique in a fun and tongue-in-cheek way. People will stand up and take notice of your physique, but at the same time you won't look like you think too highly of yourself as you are showing self awareness through popular culture. It perfectly walks the line between looking cool and powerful while not showing off.

If you want to create a really unique and interesting look with your superman t shirts then try ripping it in patches to expose your muscles more and to create a 'battle damaged' look as though you're Superman right after fighting Bizarro.

Superman t shirts are a great iconic popular culture clothing. Follow the links for superman t shirts and more.

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